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Gnostic Wonderland

In light of the imminent Rapture in, oh, about 9 1/2 hours, I wrote this little song. I think the tune is obvious.

"Gnostic Wonderland"
by Rick Davis

Trumpets blow, and I’m hummin’.
Cause the end is a-comin’.
I’ll tell you goodbye
As I fly to the sky.
Walkin’ in a Gnostic Wonderland.

Airplanes crash. People dyin’.
Big rigs smash. corpses flyin’.
But we’re feeling fine
We’ll leave our bodies behind.
Walkin’ in a Gnostic Wonderland.

In the ocean there’s this guy Osama.
We’ll pretend that he’s the Anti-Christ.
His head’s been hurtin lately; someone shot ‘im.
But he’ll be back to life tomorrow night.

For those left, it’s horrific,
But for us, it’s terrific.
I just hope and pray
God makes the preterists stay.
Walkin’ in a Gnostic Wonderland.

Walkin’ in a Gnostic Wonderlaaaaaaaaaaand!


Erica said…
You should compile your parodies and publish them. Sure, it might have people outside your house with pitchforks and torches, but that's okay. XD
Wayne B. said…
haha nice. :D lol Erica.