Guarding Against Equivocation

The ancient Greek philosopher, Gorgias, anticipated our postmodern world well. In his treatise on non-existence, he argued that nothing exists, that even if it did exist we could not know it, and that even if we could know it we could not communicate it. In other words, he wanted people to doubt the existence of absolute truth, to doubt their ability to know truth, and to doubt the ability of language to communicate truth. Words are all that exists for Gorgias, and mastering the use of words through skillful rhetoric gives one power over other people. This way of thinking has permeated our world today. The idea that we can find truth by rational discourse is out, and the idea that we each have our own competing "truth" shaped by our personal stories is in. This idea of narrative and "my truth" over objective truth is a driving force behind much of the cultural Marxism that we're seeing in the form of various critical theories, intersectionality, etc. Equivocati

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