Begginers' Guide to Star Trek

On the nerdy side of things, have you ever wanted to get into Star Trek, but didn't know where to start? I've put together this Beginners' Guide to Star Trek just for you.

It's About Jesus, Not Your Church

"Soul winning is not accomplished by stealing members from already-established churches, just to train them to utter our peculiar pronunciation of Shibboleth (Judges 12:4-6). Instead, soul winning means bringing souls to Christ rather than making converts to our assembly...We long to bring men to Christ and not to our own peculiar views of Christianity. Our first concern must be that the sheep are gathered to the great Shepherd. Afterwards, we will have enough time to secure them for our various folds. To make proselytes is a suitable labor for Pharisees, but to bring men to God is the honorable aim of ministers of Christ..."

-from The Soul Winner by Charles Spurgeon