Teneo et Tenem

You may have seen the device of a hand holding a cross, with the motto Teneo et Tenem—I hold and am held, or to put it more freely, I bear and am borne. The words used before the cross of Christ was fully known—Take your cross—express the former idea: Accept your cross and bear it. The words given by the Holy Spirit after the Crucified One had been glorified and revealed as our life—“Crucified with Christ”—point more to the other side: Believe that His cross, that He the Crucified One, bears you. Before the work was finished it was only—Take your cross; now the finished work is revealed, that is, taken up and transfigured in the higher—Crucified with Christ, I bear the cross and am borne. “I have been crucified with Christ: Christ liveth in me.” It is only in the power of being borne that we can bear.
-from The Cross of Christ by Andrew Murray