The Epistles of St. Peter and St. Jude Preached and Explained

Many people have a skewed view of Martin Luther because they've only been exposed to his polemic writings. However, if you really want to know Luther's heart, you need to read some of his sermons, letters, and commentaries. In the latter category, his commentary on Galatians is the most famous, but this set of commentaries on the epistles of Peter and Jude may be an even better place to start. Luther's pastoral concern shines through every page.

Outside of its historical significance, it holds up as a good commentary in its own right. Luther clearly and practically expounds the message of these epistles with excellent application to the Christian life.

Tek Wars 7: The Vorlons Awaken

Can't wait for this new movie!


Rick said…
Spoiler alert: Kylo Ren kills Doctor Who, who then travels back in time a thousand years and regenerates as Yoda.
Erica said…
I thought the Doctor regenerated into Yoda and got locked in a cage by the Master.

Then he regenerated into a Vorlon? Also, I think Martha was a tribute for the Master's Hunger Games, or something.
Rick said…
Yes. For the Master's Hunger Games, you're required to run through a maze. Full of amorous werewolves and vampires.

Hold on a second. I think I just wrote the next big YA bestseller series!