The Broken Way

Ann Voskamp's style is hard for some people to take. Her books are prose poetry, and those who are interested in a strictly academic systematic theology will be disappointed. I find that her writing style is the most common criticism by people who don't like her books. I, however, love the way she writes. It's like an amalgam of T.S. Eliot and Bonhoeffer.

Another criticism I've heard of Voskamp is that her theology is heretical mysticism that perverts the gospel. I read one "discernment" blogger saying that she could hear the whispering of the serpent through Ann Voskamp's writing. I honestly don't get this one at all. I didn't find any trace of bad doctrine in this book at all. Maybe she emphasizes things in a different way than I would, maybe she uses non-standard theological vocabulary, but what she is presenting here is a pretty solid theology of suffering such as Martin Luther would have undoubtedly approved. She's also probably more well…

Tek Wars 7: The Vorlons Awaken

Can't wait for this new movie!


Rick said…
Spoiler alert: Kylo Ren kills Doctor Who, who then travels back in time a thousand years and regenerates as Yoda.
Erica said…
I thought the Doctor regenerated into Yoda and got locked in a cage by the Master.

Then he regenerated into a Vorlon? Also, I think Martha was a tribute for the Master's Hunger Games, or something.
Rick said…
Yes. For the Master's Hunger Games, you're required to run through a maze. Full of amorous werewolves and vampires.

Hold on a second. I think I just wrote the next big YA bestseller series!