Through New Eyes

Through New Eyes is the quintessence of James Jordan. Jordan always takes his readers by the hand and whirls them through a wonderland of symbols, connections, ideas, and paradigms. It's always a fun ride, and he always challenges his readers to think more deeply about the Bible. For that reason alone, Jordan is always worth a read.

In this book Jordan is trying to reawaken readers to the rich depth of symbolism in the world God created, especially as that world is described in Scripture. After taking time to talk about man, the animals, the structure of creation, plants, trees, stars, planets, rocks, and gems, Jordan specifically focuses on the repeated pattern of covenants in the Bible. He shows how with each new covenant there is a new heaven and new earth, better and more glorious than the one before. I had already read Peter Leithart's A House For My Name, but in Jordan I see the seed from which many of Leithart's ideas germinated.

The downside of Jordan is that he go…

More Music for Grading

One thing I've learned over my years as a teacher is that having some mighty good music playing makes grading exams and papers remarkably easier. Last year I shared the music I was listening to for grading purposes. I thought I'd share my playlist for final exam grading this year as well.

1. Gillian Welch, Revival

2. Elvis Costello, Secret, Profane & Sugarcane

3. Freelance Whales, Weathervanes

4. Johnny Cash, Songs of Our Soil

5. Feist, The Reminder