Kraft Mac and Cheese Understands Me

So for those who aren't up on all things TMNT these days, Nick Jr. has a new incarnation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which I guess isn't that bad. (My kids like the original cartoons better, because we have mad parenting skills.) And of course, Michael Bay has this travesty on the way:

In which the Turtles dress like thugs 
and, inexplicably, have lips.
Which is why I find it so awesome that Kraft is savvy enough to realize that it's not the kids who are going to want to buy Ninja-Turtle-shaped macaroni. Yes, Kraft totally understands the imperious sway that nostalgia holds for me and my generation. And they know that we're the ones who have the money.

Go, Ninja, Go, Ninja, Go!