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Back from England

Well, I made it back from England. I might post some things about the trip if I have time in the future. For now...this.


Erica said…
Profit-go back in time and invest in Microsoft. And place many, many bets.

I think there was a movie like that. They kept climbing into a Time Box thing. But then they beat their future selves up, or something. It was kind of confusing.
Rick said…
That was "Primer". It's about my favorite time travel movie ever. If you watch it about three times and draw a diagram it makes a lot more sense. :)

Also that same guy just made another movie which looks like it's going to be just as confusing.

Erica said…
That's it!

Also I think I may have to watch that movie trailer three times just to understand what the trailer is about. (Or not. I'm not sure these are things man is meant to know.)