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Dress Like a Man

Well, now that I've lost enough weight to wear my sports coats again, I've decided to renew a project I began a few years ago: dressing like a man. Anyone want to join me?

"But, wait!" you say, "Wouldn't such an undertaking be incredibly expensive?" Not at all. To show you what the cost would be if you followed Jeffrey Tucker's advice in the above article, I've evaluated my closet to see what I have. Here's the rundown.

  • 3 pairs of slacks (2 khaki, 1 grey) [$3.25 each at Goodwill]
  • 3 sports coats [I got these for free as hand me downs from a guy in my church. They would be $8 each at Goodwill.]
  • 1 suit [I bought this years ago for my sister's wedding. Can't remember how much it was, but a complete suit is something like $13 at Goodwill.]
  • 2 white dress shirts [$3 each at Goodwill]
  • 1 blue dress shirt [$3 at Goodwill]
  • 1 checked dress shirt [$3 at Goodwill] [Note: sometimes shirts can be had for $1 each when the DAV store is having a sale.]
  • Assorted ties [$1 each at Goodwill. For the sake of calculation let's say you buy 5]
  • 1 belt [$1 at Goodwill]

 Grand Total: $64.75. This includes all the ties you need, all your shirts, pants and coats. You're done. Seriously. The only other clothing I own are a few t-shirts that I wear for playing in the park or backyard, a pair of jeans for yard work, and a pair of shorts.

To put this in perspective, this is about the cost of 2 pairs of the cheapest jeans Wal-mart sells and 3 graphic tees. I'm also willing to bet that you already have some of these things in your closet, so you wouldn't even have to buy it all.

So are you ready to take the plunge? Ready to make the world a classier looking place? Go out and dress like a man!


Erica said…
Hmmm...you and Dale have been exchanging notes I see...He keeps listening to The Art of Manliness podcast...