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Circles and Squares

Doug Wilson has an apt post today.
As the same sex marriage issue is now before the Supreme Court, just a few observations. It is important that we get this straight, because the next case before them concerns the right of circles to be square, and if a bad precedent is set on this same sex marriage case, the next case is going to play havoc with a lot of our engineering. A handful of circles have wanted to have four corners for a long time now, and in these enlightened times, who are we to continue to bruise their feeling by denying them four corners? The ruling elites will brook no compromise, and the offer of some states to give circles at least two civilly-recognized corners has been rejected flat out. And of course, we don't have time to go into the circles that want six or more corners.

Well, you know, one grants, in the abstract, that we are not really giving circles four corners, but are rather changing the definition of what it means to be circular. But no matter, we press on. It helps if you shut your eyes.

But once we have changed the definitions, good building and bridges will continue to stand, and bad ones will fall...
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