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It’s fair to say that I read a good number of books children’s books. Having kids of my own, I like to pilfer their shelves from time to time. In our house, we like to stock “the classics” as a sort of quality guarantee. Since children’s books became a genre there have been writers who have tried to cash in on the children’s market as a way to make a quick buck with little effort. Reading “the classics” means that you get the best books from every era without having to wade through the formulaic twaddle, most of which has mercifully been forgotten over the years.
It’s a different story with modern children’s books. Picking up a new children’s book means taking a chance on wasting your time, and the modern children’s book publishing machine loves tried and true formulas. After the success of Harry Potter we got books about schools for magical/mythological/specially talented kids who are sorted into groups based on their personalities. After The Hunger Games took off, we’ve have had m…

Denomination Quiz

I took a quiz a while back that told me my theological worldview was Roman Catholic.

Now I've found another quiz that gives me quite different results.
I am apparently...

...get ready for it...

Eastern Orthodox!

I know my sister and brother-in-law will be so proud.

Take the quiz yourself and share your results in the comments. Here's the list of my top 10:

1. Eastern Orthodox
2. Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
3. Presbyterian Church in America/Orthodox Presbyterian Church
4. Reformed Churches
5. Church of Christ
6. Episcopal/Anglican Church
7. Evangelical Lutheran Church
8. Methodist/Weslyan Church
9. Presbyterian Church USA
10. Reformed Baptist


Erica said…
Eastern Orthodox Church (100%)

How about that. I appear to be Eastern Orthodox. XD

All you need now is that cool square hat that the priest wears during Lent.

Which, by the way, starts about the same time you guys are having Palm Sunday. We miss out on all the Friday Lenten specials this year. Alas.
Veronica Chloe said…
1. Presbyterian Church in America/Orthodox Presbyterian Church (100%)
2. Reformed Churches (100%)
3. Reformed Baptist (95%)

Wow, I got my own denomination, that doesn't usually happen on these quizzes.
Wayne Brown said…
Eastern Orthodox 100%

Can't say I'm surprised. =D

Aspiring to the bishopric already? my my! ;)

Rick said…
I think I'll start out small, Wayne, and work my way up.
Rose said…
1) Eastern Orthodox (87%)
2) Lutheran Church (81%)
3) Roman Catholic (80%)

This is interesting.
Erica said…
Yesss. The hat, buy the hat. :D