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It seems like everytime I walk past the magazine rack at the grocery store or go to a news page on the internet like Yahoo or MSN, I see some link to a relationship article that seeks to answer the question, "When should I sleep with X?" If you are in a relationship, do you hop in bed on the first date? Or do you exercise chastity and self-control by waiting for the third date (so he'll respect you)?

There are a number of social factors entangled in all of this, so it gets pretty complicated. In order to help people out, I thought I would take a shot at this difficult topic and make a flow chart that encompasses all of the important variables and factors involved in such a confusing and complex issue. Simply start at the top of the chart and follow the lines downward as you answer the questions. It shouldn't take you more than a few minutes to get through the entire chart, and then you will have the satisfaction of knowing for sure whether you are ready to be intimate with that special someone in your life.

I hope this chart proves to be helpful.


Erica said…
And yet, if you say this, then clearly you are narrow minded and unrealistic because what does it matter?

Of course, given people's predilection for divorcing at the drop of a hat because "the spark just isn't there" you can't really be surprised that they take that attitude toward everything else...
Mom said…
Totally agree.