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Happy St. Lucy's Day!!!

St. Lucy was the daughter of  a noble lady named Eutychia. She lived in the 3rd century in Syracuse. When her mother was miraculously cured of a terminal disease, Lucy was so thankful to God that she began to give her vast wealth to the poor and secretly helped the Christians who were hiding from the authorities. Her fianc√©, a pagan, was none to happy to see his future wife’s fortune squandered, as he saw it, in such a way, and denounced her to the authorities as a Christian. The governor offered her the opportunity to deny her faith and marry the pagan boy. When she refused to renounce her belief in Christ, the governor attempted to have her burned. In like manner to St. Polycarp, the fire failed to touch her body, and a sword was driven through her neck.

There are numerous stories about St. Lucy that have been told over the years, and many traditions that have grown up around her feast day. In Scandanavian countries, the eldest daughter of the home portrays St. Lucy, dressing in a white robe with a red belt and wearing a wreath with lit candles on her head. St. Lucy carries cinnamon buns and coffee to the family. This tradition is related to the fact that she carried food to the Christians in the catacombs. 

In the Davis house, we have never been brave enough to do the lit candles on the head thing, but we had a great St. Lucy breakfast today and shared some stories of the fair and faithful maiden who gave her life for Christ.


Colby Reynolds said…
That's neat! No, me and my family probably would not do the candles on the head thing...
By the way, are those advent candles in your first picture?
Erica said…
Yeah, when I saw the title, I thought, 'OH THEY DID NOT PUT CANDLES ON THEA'S HEAD' but I'm glad you didn't. Her carrying one is good enough. ;-)
Rick said…
Colby, those are advent candles. We still haven't bought a white Christmas candle for the middle yet.

Erica, glad we lived up to your expectations as sane parents. ;) I'm sure they make head wreaths specifically to hold candles though... Maybe next year?