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Martin Luther and Pope Benedict XVI: Friendship is Magic

This Wednesday will be the 495th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing the 95 Theses to the Wittenberg church door. For this Reformation Day, I'd like to honor Luther with a quote by one of his modern day admirers:
“The question: what is God’s position towards me, where do I stand before God? – Luther’s burning question must once more, doubtless in a new form, become our question too, not an academic question, but a real one. In my view, this is the first summons we should attend to in our encounter with Martin Luther…
Another important point: God, the one God, creator of heaven and earth, is no mere philosophical hypothesis regarding the origins of the universe. This God has a face, and he has spoken to us. He became one of us in the man Jesus Christ – who is both true God and true man. Luther’s thinking, his whole spirituality, was thoroughly Christocentric: ‘What promotes Christ’s cause’ was for Luther the decisive hermeneutical criterion for the exegesis of sacred Scripture. This presupposes, however, that Christ is at the heart of our spirituality and that love for him, living in communion with him, is what guides our life.”
-Pope Benedict XVI, September 23, 2011


Erica said…
One is the leader of the Catholic Church. The other is a rebellious monk on the run. Together they fight crime!