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Big Bird as Campaign Issue

We are in a political situation rife with big issues: the economy, gay marriage, health care, abortion, foreign policy, terrorism. The idea that people are actually deciding who to vote for based on whether a fictional talking bird will remain on TV, makes me uncertain of whether I want to live here anymore. It sounds a little too much like Fahrenheit 451.


DebD said…
Good grief. I felt the same way when NPR did a piece about the outrage & protesting toward Romney because 20yrs ago he had put his dog on the roof of the car. Yeah, it was stupid, but their refusal to vote for him simply because of that incident..seriously??

I don't understand why PBS is such a gilded idol in this country. As if those shows would really disappear if gov't funding stopped. Do thoughtful people really think that would happen?

Thank God Dr. Who moved from PBS to BBCAmerica years ago.
Erica said…
It's really surreal, isn't it?

Bread and circuses and all that jazz.