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Younger Rick's Illustrated History

I was going through some of my old stuff at my dad's house recently, and I came across my World History notebook from 9th grade. Apparently 14-year-old Rick liked to illustrate his history notes, and so I'm going to share with you some of my favorite illustrations from my early high school self.

We'll start with the beginning of the First Punic War. Rome had conquered the Italian peninsula and was ready to expand into Carthage controlled Sicily.

At the Battle of Drepana in that war, Publius Cornelius Pulcher was frustrated that the sacred chickens on board the ship wouldn't give good omens by eating their grain. So, he tossed them overboard into the Mediterranean, saying, "Let them drink since they don't want to eat."

Skipping ahead a bit in history, we all know about Henry VIII and the English Reformation. Did you know that Henry VIII had a terrible temper? Here he is having one of his little tantrums.

And finally, here is Pope Paul III realizing that he needed to respond to the Protestant Reformation.


Mom said…
My son is so creative....lol!
Erica said…
I'm of the opinion that people who doodle fun stuff in their notebooks get extra credit at school. Or if not, they should.

Also, chicken walking the plank. Wonderful.