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Not the Change I Was Hoping For

I was in the McDonald's drive-thru this morning ordering a tomato and bacon biscuit. The total was $1.37. Now, being the brilliant mathematician that I am, and wanting to get rid of some of my pennies, I paid $2.12 rather than simply two dollar bills. This brilliant mathematical calculation assured that I would get three quarters back rather than an assortment of small change.

The cashier handed me my receipt and change with a smile...
Seventy-five cents in dimes and nickels.


Mom said…
This is so funny!!!!! I love it!!!
Erica said…
Cashier be trolling. XD

By the way, here's this for future reference: http://makoki.deviantart.com/art/Jay-Marble-Hornets-MEME-template-322964651