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On Being a Virginian

They sure don't write textbooks the way they used to. I wish my elementary school text book for Virginia history had spoken less of exports and imports and more of the great men of Virginia's history. Take this example from a textbook written in the late 1800s for elementary schools in Virginia.

"Now, my children, I want to tell you of the 'Makers of Virginia,' by which I mean the men who, by their wisdom and their talents, made Virginia the great and honorable State that she has always been; so great and so honorable that, no matter into what part of the world you go, when you say, 'I am a Virginian,' you are expected to be an honorable, brave gentleman or lady; and I hope that you will all try to keep up the reputation which the sons and daughters of the Old Dominion have always had."
- From Stories from Virginia History by Mary Tucker Magill

Reading this just fills me with pride for my state. It's quite possible in the future that I may do a few blog posts here and there about Heroes of Virginia history in order to show my pride in being a native of such a great and honorable State.