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Children's Book Authors

I haven't done a top 5 list in a long time, and I thought I was about due.

There is a special level of books that form a big part of our childhood memories. The board books we had as babies probably don't hold a lot of sentimental value for us, and the chapter books come after we've learned to read. But what about that in-between period? These are the books that we remember fondly out entire lives. The Cat in the Hat, Tootle, Mr. Dog and others are part of our past. I've especially seen this with my kids. I'll pick up a book to read to them, and realize that we are connecting over generations with something special and shared. And the people who write these books often don't get the credit they deserve. So here are the Top 5 Children's Book Authors: (Note: Dr. Seuss didn't make the list. Feel free to burn me as a heretic later.)

1. Tomie DePaola
2. Margaret Wise Brown
3. Barbara Cooney
4. Maurice Sendak
5. Ian Falconer


DebD said…
I am unfamiliar with Ian Falconner, but the others I wholeheartedly agree. I would only like to add Shirley Hughes and Arnold Lobel to that list.
Rick said…
Ian Falconer writes a series of books about a pig named Olivia.

My wife would probably include Shirley Hughes on her list as well, but for some reason I've never liked Alfie.