Explore, Experiment, Discover

Blue Angels

Well, we set out for our first letterbox this morning. We headed to Timbrook Park a few miles from home. My son was the nature expert with his various nature guides. My daughter was the keeper and reader of the clues.

Intrepid explorers at the trail-head.

After following the clues to the location, we were surprised to find that the letterbox had been stolen! We walked around the area for a while before deciding to give up and just go for a walk on one of the trails.

Lovely Timbrook Park

However, as we were turning to go I saw a camouflage container lying in the middle of a huge clump of thorn bushes. Risking life and limb, I dug it out to find that it was indeed the letterbox, (tossed into the thorns perhaps by an injudicious late night partier who found it and was upset that it was not a can of beer)!

Having ended a successful treasure hunt, we headed home to a well-earned breakfast.