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Why There is No Top Five This Week

Here are the top five reasons:

Why There is Not a Real Top Five List This Week

1. Dropped my laptop off the dresser last night.
2. Can't access any of my data.
3. Had to buy a new laptop.
4. None of my pictures!
5. Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!


Mom said…
Did you really? Wow! Shoulda called your Uncle Faron. He's got laptops that he's fixed & he might have given you one. Oh, and, btw, does'nt this qualify as a top 5 list? Silly boy...lol! Where's my list to go birthday shopping Fri.? All noisy toys for Thea if I don't get a list...dad's idea.
Rick said…
Well get you a list!!! Also, since I had to teach class at 8:00 this morning and the laptop broke last night, I don't think I could have gotten one off of Faron in time. I'm hoping maybe he would be able to either fix this one though or get the data off of it.
Mom said…
He prolly can. So, I guess I'll just bring it to him next time I'm down there cause that's gonna be like 9 more days!!!!!!! I thought maybe you'd just apparate to Faron's....you & Erica need to work on thoise skills....lol! Btw, what punctuation mark is missing in your comment? Hmmm
Mom said…
Darn! I added an i to those. Silly fingers...lol
Rick said…
"Contending that the coordinating conjunction is adequate separation, some writers will leave out the comma in a sentence with short, balanced independent clauses."

-Source: wire.rutgers.edu

Mom said…
So, who is well & why are they sending me a list? Hmmm
Rick said…
D'oh! I thought it was my missing comma! Oh no!!!!