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It’s fair to say that I read a good number of books children’s books. Having kids of my own, I like to pilfer their shelves from time to time. In our house, we like to stock “the classics” as a sort of quality guarantee. Since children’s books became a genre there have been writers who have tried to cash in on the children’s market as a way to make a quick buck with little effort. Reading “the classics” means that you get the best books from every era without having to wade through the formulaic twaddle, most of which has mercifully been forgotten over the years.
It’s a different story with modern children’s books. Picking up a new children’s book means taking a chance on wasting your time, and the modern children’s book publishing machine loves tried and true formulas. After the success of Harry Potter we got books about schools for magical/mythological/specially talented kids who are sorted into groups based on their personalities. After The Hunger Games took off, we’ve have had m…

Dinner Guests and New Gimmick

From time to time in the past, I've tried gimmicky things on my blog. Posting a poem one day a week and things like that. Alas, it never lasts. Nevertheless I'm going to try something gimmicky again, and see what sort of shelf life it gets.

The idea is this. Every Wednesday I'm going to post a Top 5 List. It may be related to history, theology, literature, or anything else I feel like at the time. Anyone who's reading this can feel free to agree, disagree, comment, post your own list, etc. Think of it as a sort of discussion starter. So here goes:

Top 5 Living People I'd Love to Have Together at a Dinner Party

1. Stephen Fry
2. Terry Pratchett
3. Douglas Wilson
4. Umberto Eco
5. Peter Kreeft


Rose said…
My list (that obviously includes dead people :P )

1) Jane Austen
2) Fyodor Dostoevsky
3) C.S. Lewis
4) Christopher Nolan
5) Johnny Depp

List of living people:

1) Christopher Nolan
2) Johnny Depp
3) Peter Kreeft
4) Gary Paulsen
5) Emily Wierenga
Colby Reynolds said…
Thats a pretty good list Mr. Davis!
Why would you choose Peter Kreeft?
Rick said…
Interesting list, Rose. I wonder what Peter Kreeft would say to Johnny Depp? I've never heard of Gary Paulsen or Emily Wierenga, so I guess I have a couple of people to google.

Colby, Here were my reasons for picking the people I did:

Stephen Fry: so witty smart and hilarious.
Terry Pratchett: once again extremely funny, likable and intelligent.
Doug Wilson: for being profound and clever. And he can quote Wodehouse.
Umberto Eco: FOR BEING UMBERTO ECO FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! In all seriousness, he's probably one of the most intelligent people on the planet, but he still doesn't take himself too seriously and likes a good joke.
Peter Kreeft: Needed another American to balance out the Brits. Needed another Christian to balance out the atheists. Needed another person with no beard to balance out the facial hair. Plus you always need a Roman Catholic at a party like this.

I had a few runners up that were tough choices. If I hadn't chosen Kreeft, then N.T. Wright would have been invited. If I hadn't chosen Douglas Wilson, then N.D. Wilson would have been invited. And when I had to choose two from Stephen Fry, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Gaiman just barely got left out in the cold. Maybe if I buy three more chairs, my party will be complete.
Rick said…
Also Rose, watch out for that Dostoevsky character. Bit of a gambling problem. Don't trust him with any cash.
Colby Reynolds said…
Didn't N.D. Wilson write a few books?