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"Job Creators"

One day a rich CEO was riding in his limousine when he saw a man eating grass along the side of the road. He told the driver to stop. He got out and asked the man, "Why are you eating grass?"

The man replied, "Sir, with this economy, I can't find a job. I'm so poor, I can't afford a thing to eat."

So the CEO said, "Poor guy, come back to my house. I have work for you."

The man responded, "But I have a wife and three kids." The CEO told him to bring them along.

When they were all in the car, the poor man said, "Thank you so much for taking us back to your house; it is so kind of you."

The CEO replied, "Oh, you're going to love it there, the grass is a foot tall!"


Rose said…
It would be hilarious if it wasn't true. Lol.