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What Do They Teach Them in These Schools?

The shooter in Tuscon, Jared Loughner, apparently has a history with Senator Giffords. At a campaign rally in 2007, he became very agitated that she didn't answer his question in a way that satisfied him, and he has apparently been obsessed with her ever since. His question: "What is Government if words have no meaning?" Now, I know this may be stating the obvious, but the kind of guy that asks that sort of question and then obsesses for 4 years about not getting an answer is, to put it mildly, crazy as a sack full of ferrets. It's just one step down from Charles Manson's famous quotation, "If God is one, what is bad?"

Anyway, my sister has pretty well nailed the situation, and I direct you to her insight.



Erica said…
You know, it actually reminds me of the guy at work who thinks that he was blinded by a demon with sorcery and taken from real Earth to a clone of Earth, and he's surrounded by clones and can't eat the food because it's also made by sorcery...