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Intro to Charles Williams

A few years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the extraordinary (and unusual) fiction of Charles Williams, a fellow Inkling of Lewis and Tolkien. I loved his fiction books, Tolkien notwithstanding, and only last year ventured to read some of his nonfiction. The Figure of Beatrice and Witchcraft were both excellent books, and I'm hopefully going to start a collection of his essays soon. However, when people ask me to describe his opinions or his stories, I'm often at a loss as to where to begin. You see, he was quite a singular person in both literary and theological areas. Fortunately, someone far more articulate than myself has blogged about Williams, and for anyone interested in knowing about this oft-forgotten Inkling, I encourage you to go read this post over at the Rabbit Room.


Anonymous said…
Lanier is one of Elisabeth's good friends from growing up in Atlanta (fellow home-schoolee). Small world.
She has a great site and is a bibliophile. http://laniersbooks.com/

Rick said…
Wow. It is indeed a small world.