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Resurrected Bodies

As a teacher at a classical Christian school, I talk a lot about the Bible and theology. One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how many Christians lack an understanding of the Resurrection. In the minds of most Christians today, when we die, we go to heaven. That's it. There is no conception of heaven as a temporary home until our actual, physical bodies are resurrected and we live eternally on the resurrected earth, which is a much more biblical idea. N.T. Wright puts it well:

"The word immortality is often used to mean 'disembodied immortality,' and it is sometimes then used in sharp contrast with resurrection. As a result, we easily forget Paul's point about the resurrection body. It will be a body, but it will not be subject to morality. An 'immortal body' is something most people find so strange that they don't even pause to wonder if that's what Paul and the other early Christians were talking about. But it is.

"There is a world of difference between this belief and a belief in an 'immortal soul.' Platonists believe that all humans have an immortal element within them, normally referred to as 'soul.'...In the New Testament, however, immortality is something that only God possesses by nature and that he then shares, as a gift of grace rather than an innate possession, with His people."
-N.T. Wright, Surprised by Hope


Chris said…
You're exactly right Rick! Also, when talking with folks about the gospel I'm amazed at how many fail to mention the resurrection of Christ. Usually, it's something like this, "Jesus died for my sins," which is great but unless Christ has been raised, where would our hope be? Going to heaven when we die, only? I suspect the resurrection of Christ and our being raised with him is not in forefront a lot of Christian's faith but it should be! Thanks for the post.