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Qualifications for Politics

The great Greek comedian, Aristophanes, made a very astute observation about the real qualifications of most politicians. The following is from the play Plutus.

Carion: You're a good man, a patriot?
Politician: If ever there was one.
Carion: And, as I guess, a farmer?
Politician: I? Lord save us. I'm not mad.
Carion: A merchant then?
Politician: Ah, sometimes I have had to take that trade up--as an alibi.
Carion: You've some profession surely.
Politician: No, not I.
Carion: How do you make a living?
Politician: Well, there're several answers to that. I'm Supervisor General of all things here, public and private too.
Carion: A great profession that. What did you do to qualify for it?
Politician: I WANTED it.