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Just Like Us

"You see, it is such a mistake to think that these Bible characters were a special sort of far-away, unreal, old-fashioned people quite different from ourselves, always speaking in stately, dignified, poetical speech, and thinking about nothing but religion and prophecies. They were just as "modern" to themselves as we are now to ourselves. They chattered and joked and used slang, drove hard bargains, talked politics, followed the latest fashions and so on, just as we do. The men who killed God were exactly like you and me and the people we read of in the papers--Timid politicians; respectable religious officials; rough, careless soldiers; silly, thoughtless, gossiping folk; noisy mobs led away by paid agitators; weak, well-meaning souls who hadn't the strength of their own convictions; stupid, short-sighted, parochially-minded people--just ordinary people." -Dorothy Sayers