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A Foray into FV

I rarely comment on the whole Federal Vision "controversy," but I did have a thought today that I wanted to throw out onto the Internets. If Someone were to send me a million dollars in the mail, I'd be very happy. Overwhelming gratitude would be the proper response. Now, if I thought that the check had been sent via UPS, and someone came along to tell me that the check had actually come through FedEx, I might debate this question on a purely academic level. However, I don't think it would make me too angry. After all, I've got the million dollars.

I feel the same way about the Active Imputation of Christ's Obedience vs. Union With Christ debate. If all that is Christ's belongs to me as well, then I should respond with gratefulness and joy. Whether all this came to be through "imputation" or "union" or a combination of both can be discussed profitably, but getting the theological answer right is not the same as having the benefit.

I'll put it this way. Person A received a million dollars and believes it was sent through FedEx. Person B received a million dollars and believes it was sent through UPS. Neither side should accuse the other of not having a million dollars simply because they can't agree about how the money was sent.