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What a Waste

There's a great exchange in Terry Pratchett's Faust Eric between Astfgl, the Demon King of Hell, and Quezovercoatl, a lesser demon who has set himself up as a tribal deity:

"'Whereupon you entered the mind of one of their high priests...drove him insane and inspired the tribes to unite, terrorise their neighbors and bring forth upon the continent a new nation dedicated to the proposition that all men should be taken to the top of ceremonial pyramids and be chopped up with stone knives.' The King pulled his notes toward him. 'Oh yes, some of them were also to be flayed alive,' he added...

'It was only, you know, a hobby,' said the imp. 'I thought, you know, it was the right thing, sort of thing. Death and destruction and that.'

'...That's the trouble with you people. You don't think of the Big Picture. I mean, look at the Tezumen. Gloomy, unimaginative, obsessive...by now they could have invented a whole bureaucracy and taxation system that could have turned the minds of the continent to slag. Instead of which, they're just a bunch of second-rate-axe-murderers. What a waste.'"