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Why I Can Never be Roman Catholic

A while back, I was writing a series of posts on why I don't convert to Roman Catholicism or Eastern Orthodoxy. That series died out as I was (a) strapped for time, and (b) bored with writing it. However, I was reminded this Saturday 0f the main reason I could never join the Roman Catholic Church.

On Saturday, we went to a booksale at the local Catholic Church. Our kids must have been all kinds of cute there because the three ladies running the sale kept talking to them. As we were checking out and getting ready to leave, one of the ladies offered our kids some pretzels and then asked them their names.

"Luther," said Luther.

At this, all three of the old catholic ladies exlaimed, "Luther!" with the surprise one might find at learning that the very nice gentleman one had been taking tea with was wanted by the police. Then one of them sweetly said, "My, that's an interesting name."


Lucian said…
So You can't be Catholic cuz You've named Your child Luther... wow!
Dale said…
Yes, he'd have to change his child's name to Erasmus.