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Best Visual Effects

Okay. So I'm watching the Academy Awards last night. The category is Best Visual Effects. A city was created and virtuallly destroyed for the Dark Knight, as Batman leaps and glides his way above the rooftops, and the Joker wreaks havoc. A man was encased in metal and sent flying after jets, shooting missiles in Iron Man.

And the Oscar for Best Visual Effects goes to...The Curious Case of Benjamin Button!

What?! Wait a minute! The best visual effect of the entire year was to make Brad Pitt look old!? Seriously?! Hasn't Hollywood been making people look old as long as movies have been made? I remember an episode of Star Trek where they made William Shatner look old. Star Trek didn't get an Oscar. Twin Peaks didn't get an award for making Kyle McLachlan look old. Eddie Murphy is either old, fat, or female in all of his movies and they never get a Visual Effects nod.

*Sigh* I'll never understand the Academy Awards.