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Advent Poem 3

Noel, Noel, Noel

Noel, noel, noel,
Sing we with mirth.
Christ is come well
With us to dwell,
By his most noble birth.

Under a tree
When sporting me
Alone by a wood-side,
I heard a maid
That sweetly said,
'I am with childe this tide.' Noel, etc.

Conceived have I
The Son of God so sweet;
His gracious will
I put me till,
As mother him to keep.' Noel, etc.

'Both night and day
I will him pray,
And hear his laws taught,
And every dell
His true gospel
In his apostles fraught.' Noel, etc.

'This ghostly case
Doth me embrace,
Without despite or mock;
With my darling,
"Lullay" to sing,
And lovely him to rock.' Noel, etc.

'Without distress
In great lightness
I am both night and day.
This heavenly fod
In his childhood
Shall daily with me play.' Noel, etc.

'Soon must I sing
With rejoicing,
For the time is all run
That I shall child,
All undefiled,
The King of Heaven's Son.' Noel, etc.