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Advent Poem 2

I found this one in the Oxford Book of English Verse (the Q edition).
By the way, this was written in the 1300s. It is not Old English. The spellings are different, but if you read it out loud it's understandable. (Example: "Jehsu, help that hit be sene And shild us from helle" = "Jesu, help that it be seen And shield us from hell")

This World's Joy

Wynter wakeneth al my care,
Nou thise leves waxeth bare;
Ofte I sike and mourne sare
When hit cometh in my thoht
Of this worldes joie, hou hit geth al to noht.

Nou hit is, an nou hit nys
Al so hit ner nere, ywys;
That moni mon seith, soth hit ys:
Al goth bote Godes wille:
Alle we shule deye, thah us like ylle.

Al that gren me graveth grene,
Nou hit faleweth al bydene:
Jehsu, help that hit be sene
And shild us from helle!
For y not whider y shal, ne hou longe her duelle.