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Thanksgiving Lexicon

With Thanksgiving on the way, I want to make sure everyone is clear on this point. Those breadcubes, baked in the oven with celery, onions, etc... that's called "stuffing". Even if you don't actually "stuff" the turkey with it, it's still called "stuffing". Many people persist in calling it "dressing". They are wrong.


My husband and I just had this, um... discussion... recently.

It's not like we are newly weds and still thinking the way our mom made stuffing/dressing was correct. We've been married 34 years.

He calls it all stuffing. I say it is dressing and only stuffing if it is stuffed into a bird.

We'll probably have the same discussion on our 35th Thanksgiving together, God willing. :)
Erica said…
I'm going to comment over here too...and laugh at our relatives. *laughs*