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Cute Kid-isms

Last week, we put a new element in our hot water heater. Luther (3) however was very confused about the whole thing. The day before, we had this conversation:

Me (to Mary Beth): I'll have to go get an element to put in the water heater.
Luther: That doesn't go there.
Me: What do you mean Luther?
Luther: That doesn't go there.
Mary Beth: What doesn't go where?
Luther: An elephant doesn't go in the water heater!

Here is another cute, if somewhat morbid, discussion that I overheard. I was doing some reading for school, and this happened at the kitchen table.

Luther (seeing a picture of a turkey): Are we having turkey for Thanksgiving?
Mary Beth: Yes, but the turkey for Thanksgiving is going to be dead not alive.
Luther: You're not going to die, Mommy.
Mary Beth: No, no, Luther. Mommy's not going to die; the turkey is!
Anthea (cheerfully): Daddy die?
Mary Beth: No, daddy's not going to die.
Luther: Is Thea going to die?
Mary Beth: No, Thea's not going to die!
Anthea (still quite chipper): Luther die?!
Mary Beth: Look, nobody is going to die! Except the turkey, which is already dead!


Anonymous said…
Wow!? How was your thanksgiving? Ours was great.