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Tell the Truth

Here's a quote from a recent speech by Ron Paul (a.k.a. The only honest politician in Washington.)

"The most disturbing reaction in the Campaign was the hostility some evangelical Christians showed toward our strong opposition to preemptive war—which is essentially a war of aggression.

How it’s possible to profess to follow the Prince of Peace, and at the same time support preventive war, is totally baffling to me. However, I received strong support from many evangelicals who support home schooling. They respect the Constitution and oppose preventive wars like me and are strong supporters of home schooling. I stand fast in opposition to abortion, and I found it disappointing that some evangelicals would rather support a candidate weak on the abortion issue and home schooling as long as the candidate supports war over diplomacy. When it comes to the Middle East, Israel was a key factor in their decision making."

Which is partly why I wasn't going to vote for anyone at all when it was down to McCain/Obama. With Sarah Palin on the ticket I'm leaning McCain. Not because I agree with him on...oh..much of anything, but because I think as a Christian abortion has to be issue number 1. More innocent babies have been brutally slaughtered since 9/11 than have been killed in Iraq or in the 9/11 attacks. It's time to end our cult of child sacrifice, and having an extreme pro-lifer in the White House would be a good way to make sure the issue stays at the forefront of the American consciousness.


Erica said…
But you know one-issue voters are all...umm...religious fanatics....or something.....but only if that issue is abortion, because it's okay to be a one-issue voter if it's about the economy or opposing the war. XD
Oh and sorry for not calling and being piratey yesterday but I was...
Wait, did I even tell you I'm working at the Credit Union? I really need to call you more often...heh heh.
Yes. My second day of training and it was Friday, and everyone came in with their paychecks. It was crazy.