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Schaeffer on TV

"Many viewers seem to assume that when they have seen something on TV, they have seen it with their own eyes. It makes the viewer think he has actually been on the scene. He knows, because his own eyes have seen. He has the impression of greater direct objective knowledge than ever before...But this is not so, for one must never forget that every television minute has been edited. The viewer does not see the event. He sees...an edited symbol or an edited image of the event. An aura and illusion of objectivity and truth is built up, which could not be totally the case even if the people shooting the film were completely neutral. The physical limitations of the camera dictate that only one aspect of the total sitution is given. If the camera were aimed ten feet to the left or ten feet to the right, an entirely different "objective story" might come across."
-Francis Schaeffer from How Should We Then Live?