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A Test of Bad Theology

In many situations when dealing with someone who has some deep-seated theological problems (legalists, strict Regulativist Presbyterians, Christian perfectionists, Dispensationalists etc.) there is a helpful measuring stick to gauge the extent of their problem.

Simply ask them two questions:
    1) "What was the last fiction book you read and when did you read it?"
    2) "Name a few of your favorite poets."

If they can’t remember their last fiction book or can’t name more than one or two poets, the problem is worse than you thought. This means they have been reading nothing aside from theology books, and, consequently, know nothing about theology. You have a long road ahead of you. If they fail to see the relevance of these two questions, the situation is even more desperate, and you may as well give up and leave them in their error.


Xindaeltal said…
Brother, I hate to say it, I think Doug Wilson has finally pushed you over the edge. Fiction probably isn't the best test of theology. ;-)
Rick said…
So, naturally, you fall into category 2.
Xindaeltal said…
I fall into neither category. Although I don't believe there were any categories created here...
Rick said…
Category 1: Those who can't remember their last fiction book or can't name more than one or two poets.

Category 2: Those who fail to see the relevance of these two questions.

Xindaeltal said…
Oh did I say neither category. I ment I fall in to both categories! :-D. No, wait, I believe the last bit of fiction I read was somthing my a guy named... Luther. ;-)