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The Great Jest

It [the nativity] is at least like a jest in this; that it is something which the scientific critic cannot see. He laboriously explains the difficulty which we have always defiantly and almost derisively exaggerated; and mildly condemns as improbable something that we have almost madly exalted as incredible; as something that would be too good to be true, except that it is true. When that contrast between the cosmic creation and the little local infancy has been repeated, reiterated, underlined, emphasised, exulted in, sung, shouted, roared, not to say howled, in a hundred thousand hymns, carols, rhymes, rituals, pictures, poems, and popular sermons, it may be suggested that we hardly need a higher critic to draw our attention to something a little odd about it... --G.K. Chesterton,
The Everlasting Man

Christians have always exulted in the Nativity of Jesus and, this being the beginning of the Advent season, I'm challenging myself to post a different Advent/Christmas poem each day until Christmas (and who knows, maybe even all the way up until Epiphany?).