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A Carol

I thought I'd post a little carol that I wrote for Christmas, loosely adapted from a hymn by Ephrem of Syria. I envisioned it being sung to the tune of "O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus." I have no illusions of greatness about it, but my wife liked it.

Sing the Birth
by Rick Davis

Sing the birth of Christ the firstborn
How He human vesture wove
In the womb of the pure Virgin
From His home of light above.
Dying, yielded up His spirit,
Yet He clung to flesh and bone,
And in resurrection glorious
Man, He sits on heaven’s throne.

In a narrow bosom dwelt He,
He the Might that rules us all.
While He lay in Mary’s bosom,
He the nations held in thrall.
To his Father He made offering
That He might fulfill his will.
Entered in the Virgin’s body.
He whom heav’n and earth doth fill.

Reconciling Peace and Mercy
To the nations doth appear,
Gladdening Brightness, Light Unbounded
To a world so bleak and drear.
Mighty Leaven conquering nations,
Men He catches in His net.
Happy all whom He hath taken
From their groanings and regret.