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Advent Poem 3

A Christmas Carol
by James Ryman

Gloria in altissimis
For now is born the King of Bliss.

When Christ was born, an angel bright
To shepherds keeping sheep that night
Came and said with heavenly light,
'Now Christ is born, the King of Bliss.'

They felt great dread of that same light
That shone so bright that time of night
Through the virtue, the grace, and might
Of God's son, the King of Bliss.

The angel said, 'Dread you nothing;
Behold, to you great joy I bring,
And unto all that be living,
For now is born the King of Bliss.'

'Go to Bethlehem, and there you shall
With Mary mild in an ox stall
Find an infant that men shall call
The Son of God and King of Bliss.'

They went forth to Bethlehem that stound,
And, as he told, a child they found
In an ox stall in rags wound,
The Son of God and King of Bliss.

The shepherds then went home again,
Magnifying God, in certain,
In all that they had heard and seen
Of God's Son, the King of Bliss.

On Twelfth Day came kings three
With gold, incense, and myrrh so free,
Unto Bethlehem to seek and see
The Son of God and King of Bliss.

In terra pax hominibus.