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It’s fair to say that I read a good number of books children’s books. Having kids of my own, I like to pilfer their shelves from time to time. In our house, we like to stock “the classics” as a sort of quality guarantee. Since children’s books became a genre there have been writers who have tried to cash in on the children’s market as a way to make a quick buck with little effort. Reading “the classics” means that you get the best books from every era without having to wade through the formulaic twaddle, most of which has mercifully been forgotten over the years.
It’s a different story with modern children’s books. Picking up a new children’s book means taking a chance on wasting your time, and the modern children’s book publishing machine loves tried and true formulas. After the success of Harry Potter we got books about schools for magical/mythological/specially talented kids who are sorted into groups based on their personalities. After The Hunger Games took off, we’ve have had m…

Unam, Sanctam, Catholicam et Apostolicam Ecclesiam

I suppose now I should take a little time to explain my previous post. I gave five points of why I remain on my side of the Tiber despite my love for liturgy and the historical church. My first reason was that I believe too strongly in the Holy Catholic Church.

Though I have only been a member of 4 churches my entire life, I have had the privilege to visit and worship with many friends from other churches. I have worshipped in Independent Christian Churches, Independent Baptist Churches, Southern Baptist Churches, United Methodist Churches, Churches of God of Prophecy, Roman Catholic Churches, Disciples of Christ Churches, CREC Churches, Evangelical Presbyterian Churches, PCUSA Churches, PCA Churches, ARP Churches, Evangelical Free Churches, and probably many others I can't recall.

But I have never worshipped outside the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

I have been sprinkled with holy water. I have been in a church where the pianist fell in the floor grunting like a pig. I have seen crutches lining the nave of Ste-Anne-De-Beaupre in Quebec. I have seen people healed at a Pentecostal tent revival. I have seen the wrist bone of Saint Anne. I have seen a pastor dress up as the apostle Peter for a sermon. I have seen an entire congregation stand to their feet and march in circles around the santuary.

For all of our eccentricities and foibles; for all of our slips, errors, and differences we are the Bride of Christ. We are the Catholic Church. When I partake of the Eucharist each week, I am in immediate communion with the Body of Christ where I am, but I am also in communion with the entire Holy Catholic Church: all these places I have mentioned and more. Christ prayed that His Church would be one even as He and His Father are One. And it is. Our prayer now should be that where the Church is right, God would establish it; where it is corrupt He would purify it; where it is in error, He would direct it; where there is anything in it amiss, that He would reform it; and that where it is in want, He should provide it. We pray that by this, the Holy Spirit would make us all one in visible unity, just as the Church is one in spiritual reality. This must be done for the sake of Christ who died and rose again for His bride, the Church. And it cannot be done by any group of any kind (from the ignorant, backwoods independent-fundamentalist-1611-KJV-only pastor to the Pope at Rome) simply saying, "We could fix all this if everyone just joined us. We have the answers."


Anonymous said…
Just to play the devil's advocate: how do you know all the churches mentioned above were part of the Holy Catholic Church?

If Roman Catholics are in, what about Modalistic Pentecostals :-)
Anonymous said…

I am troubled by your comment:

"We could fix this if everyone just defined the church universal like I do. I have the definition."

ha ha j/k
Seriously, would you say baptism in the name of the Triune God would be the foundation for a denomination to be considered part of the church universal? What else, if anything?

Anonymous said…
..and congrats on the move my friend
Xindaeltal said…
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