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What Next?

After Harry Potter ended, I was left with a slightly empty feeling. What next? What will be the next literary craze to which my family will latch itself? And then I read Leepike Ridge.

I'm ashamed to say that I was somewhat surprised. Yes I loved Right Behind and Supergeddon, and yes I love Nathan Wilson's articles in Credenda. But I just didn't know how his writing style would translate into an original book-length venture. I should have known better.

Leepike Ridge is a wonderful story, perfectly paced with a good balance between tension and levity. But the things that really make the book great are the characters that Nathan has given us. Tom, the determined protagonist, quirky Reg, and Tom's strong mother Elizabeth along with a host of deliciously unsavory and emminently dislikable villains make Leepike Ridge a delightful read.

And now that I've found out that N.D. Wilson has a set of 3 books being published by Random House soon, I have a hunch that the world will soon be dealing with the next J.K. Rowling. 100 Cupboards comes out the day after Christmas, and I fully plan on availing myself of whatever Christmas gift money I have to buy it right away.


Erica said…
ooh, does sound like fun! now i must find it..