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I have promised many things on this blog, two of which are my thoughts on the next Harry Potter book, and some amateur ruminations on the Federal Vision controversy. Just to let everyone (i.e.- the 3 people that read this blog) know, I haven't forgotten. In the meantime, enjoy this video:


It's so true...


Xindaeltal said…
Oh Rick, always the non-extermist. Try using something other than Ad-Homenim.
Ithilwen said…
Psh. We all know you really forgot. You just forgot that you forgot.
So has Mary Beth's car been "mommed" yet? ;-)
Rick said…
Oh yes. I really need to take a little trip to the car wash soon. :P
Xindaeltal said…

Why don't you ask for clarification instead of making assumptions about what I mean?

Certainly I agree with you about the issues concerning the Resurrection.

As for what "the Dougs" said, I'm not going to touch that with a 39 1/2 foot pole because I don't know what the historical precident is on this issue.

In the second place if you are really going to take issue with about these things why write a satire about what I've said? Instead why don't you do what all good philosophers do and ask questions?

Just some thoughts.