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Augustine on Luke 24

Augustine in his Harmony of the Gospels Book 3 Chapter 25 is discussing the men on the road to Emmaus, and how they couldn't recognize Jesus until he broke bread with them. His application is sorely needed in our individualistic "just me and my Bible" culture. Remember, the two men on the road knew their Old Testament Scriptures. They even got their own private sermon from Jesus, explaining how all of the Old Testament teaches about the Messiah. And yet they still didn't recognize Him until He broke bread with them.

The deeper significance of all which is this, that no one should consider himself to have attained the knowledge of Christ, if he is not a member of His Body--that is to say, in His Church--the unity of which is commended to our notice under the sacramental symbol of the bread by an apostle, when he says: "We being many are one bread and one body." So was it that when He handed to them the bread which he had blessed, their eyes were opened, and they recognised Him...And thus the lesson might be, that it is when we become participants in the unity of His body, that we are to understand the impediment of the adversary to be removed, and liberty to be given us to know Christ.