23 January 2012

A Creepy Video

First of all, if you don't know about the Slenderman, you won't get this video. I first was traumatized by discovered Slenderman while reading creepy stories online. But until my sister posted this, I didn't know there were videos. This video is the scariest one I've seen by far, so don't watch it if you plan on sleeping any time in the next week or so.


Erica said...

Why am I not surprised you found the Splendorman video?

Actually I saw that video before I ever heard of the Slender Man thing and I thought it was too Mr. Rogers' type creepy to watch. Heh heh.

I see what I've started though...soon you will be addicted too.

Rick said...

Sitting along at my office at church. No one else in the building. Empty playground outside the window. Wooded neighborhood. Old boiler room down the hall making clanking noises at random times. Trying to grade papers. Was that a footstep upstairs?

Grrr... This is all Erica's fault!