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This is a great quote from Peter Kreeft's book The Best Things in Life. Socrates is having a dialogue with Capitalism (a guy named Adam) and Communism (a guy named Karl).

"...your end is the same as your brother's: material prosperity. It is only your means that is different...Karl, even if you are right and you are the champion of the many while Adam is the champion of the few, even if you work for the poor while Adam works for the rich, still, it is the same goal that you both seek: you for the many and he for the few or for the many: riches. And there's nothing new in that. It is a very old answer to the great question of the summum bonum, the greatest good. Your two systems are only two new social means to the same old end. If the end is not a good one, what great difference does it make which means is more effective in leading to it?"

And another great quote from the same chapter:

"Adam: But Socrates, what do you say the end of the state is, if not prosperity and the liberty to get it?
Socrates: Virtue."

There you have it. Something to chew on for a while. Soon I may post something on Distributism/Agrarianism for even more food for thought.