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The All-Father Speaks Out on the FV

So, I was having lunch with Odin the other day, you know the guy, king of the Norse Aesir and whatnot. Anyway, our conversation naturally turned to the "federal vision" and the controversy surrounding it. So I said, "Hey Odin, why do you think none of the FV's opponents are willing to take part in a public discussion or debate about the key theological issues involved?"
Odin thought for a moment, and after a brief silence, he replied:

"An ignorant man thinks          that all he knows,
          When he sits by himself in a corner;
But never what answer          to make he knows,
          When others with questions come.

I thought it was a fine answer.


Anonymous said…
What's the FV? Then I'd understand...although the Odin reference was pretty cool :-)
--the awesome sis
Rick said…
Hey sis. How's it going? FV is a long story, but it stands for Federal Vision. If you're interested you can check out www.federal-vision.com